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Chair for Integrated Systems

Rechnergestützte Systemanalyse is a combination of lecture and laboratory. During the lecture the students get to know how modern circuitry simulator operates. In the laboratory the students learn how to simulate analog circuits with OrCAD-PSpice. Beginning with netlists of simple passive circuits the complexity rises up to OP circuits and oscillators.




Research Group for Analog Integrated Circuits

Layout-Entwurf integrierter Schaltungen: During this course layout basics of integrated circuits are taught. This includes the understanding of the design-flow of integrated circuits as well as creating layouts using Cadence design software. In this laboratory the basics of a standard CMOS process is explained first, from which layer definitions and design-rules are derived. After that simple circuits are designed and simulated. These circuits are used to explain the design-flow for creating circuit layouts. This includes design-rule check (DRC), Antenna Check, layout versus schematic (LVS), filler generation, extraction of parasitic components and simulation of the extracted circuit. Also critical issues like latch-up and ESD are discussed.


Chair for Integrated Systems

Master-Praktikum Mixed-Signal-Design integrierter Mobilfunkschaltungen mit CADENCE: In this master laboratory the students learn how to simulate and optimize integrated CMOS circuits. The focus of this laboratory is the development of circuits for mobile communications like low noise amplifiers, mixers, analog to digital converters, phase locked loops, et cetera. The students team up in groups of two, simulate a dedicated component and optimize it to meet the specification. The laboratory takes place for 3 hours once a week. At the end of the course the students present their results to get their certification. The created circuits and layouts are based on the gpdk090 process design-kit from Cadence.

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